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If you need a true roofing expert, you need CGR Consulting.

Our Roofing Consultant Services

As a roofing consultant group, we’re roofing experts. As such, we offer our services to anyone in need of an independent and objective opinion about their roofing experiences. This is proven by our IIBEC® designation. We have vast training in all types of roofing including asphalt shingles, metal and tile roofing. If you’re trying to resolve a conflict with your roofer, builder or insurance company, call CGR Consulting and allow us to help.

Objective Roofing Inspections

Because we’re not a roofing contracting company, we’re won’t try to sell you a roof repair or replacement. This makes our roofing inspections different from those you may get from another roofer in Orlando. We won’t offer to fix your roof, we’ll just provide the facts about your roof. Whether issues or damage, we’ll guide you on what needs to happen for a total roof restoration. Whether you’re looking for help due to your
insurance company not honoring your policy, or because you know a previously performed repair or reroof wasn’t done properly, you need CGR Consulting on your side.

Expert Witness Testimony

Because we’re not a competing roofer, we can provide expert witness testimony as to the state of your roof. Whether in mediation or in a court room, having a roofing consultant on your side can make a sizeable difference in the outcome of your case. You can count on our experts to come prepared with complete and thorough knowledge, as well as documented proof of your roof’s conditions and the causes for such, which helps you get a fair and equitable compensation for damages.

Quote and Bid Reviews

Buying a new roof is an investment in your home. It’s a major expense you shouldn’t make without proper research. If you’re hesitant to sign a contract because you’re not getting the answers you need to make your decision, call CGR to be your roofing consultant. We can offer our professional opinion in assisting you to choose the right materials and contractors based on decades of experience. Because we’re objective, we’ll share our experiences with you about local companies and the reputations they’ve built. We’ll be your guide to the best solution for your roofing needs.


If you need a true roofing expert, you need our expert consultants.  We aren’t offering to fix your roof, but we want to help you get your roofing problems fixed.  From a roof repair to roof replacement, we want to assist you with a fair resolution to your issue. CGR Consulting will send Russ, or one of our other highly trained professionals to meet with you, evaluate your roofing system, and provide you with a written report of our findings. If you need us as expert witnesses in court, we can help with that, too. Call us today at 407-951-8888 to see if our consulting services are what you need.

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If you have an issue with your recent roof replacement or new home construction, we are the experts you can trust to provide you with a total roofing evaluation. We won’t just look at the surface, we’ll inspect the entire roofing system and provide you with the documentation you need to get your roof fixed. We won’t try to sell you a new roof because we’re in the business of providing expert roofing evaluations, not new roofs. Call 407-951-8888 or fill out our contact form.